Tip Of The Hat

A reader writes:

Yes, your faith is a lot like the church lady and her hat. Both of you are being very disingenuous when you claim to your questioners that you have no idea where they come from. The providence of that hat is no deep mystery. It was bought in a shop. It was acquired for reasons of vanity and adornment and to make the owner feel better than others. Also similar is the smug regional and tribal pride you both take from your divinely anointed blessings.

It's not pretty, Andrew. Step away from the potted palm and put the tea cup down and answer Sam's questions.

Atheists can be so charming at times, can't they? Another reader adds:

And they can be poseurs as well. The hat does not have a "providence" - your faith might, but the hat certainly doesn’t. It has a provenance.