The View From Baghdad

A mixed bunch of impressions from Mohammed - some encouraging, some less so. But his bottom line is that the "surge" should continue for a while:

Calling for halting the operation isn't realistic and is of no good to us, I think asking for more judges and a bigger role for the judiciary in supervising the work of the military would've been a better demand; one that can really help the people.

I admire his optimism. But I see no evidence from his account that the surge isn't cosmetic, almost impossible to do right, or aimed primarily at Sunni insurgents, while allowing the Shiite militias free rein, and a chill-zone in Iran while the U.S. helps Maliki fight Sunni terrorists. Don't get me wrong: fighting these Sunni/al Qaeda forces is important and worthwhile. But it doesn't solve the fundamental political problem that is the root of all the violence.