The Romney Leak

Some analysis from Romney-watcher Liz Mair. The Boston Globe story is here. Money quote from Liz:

This document is going to irk those members of the Base who love George W Bush and revile anyone who calls him stupid.  According to the Globe, "the plan lists two ways Romney can set himself apart from Bush. The first says, simply, 'Intelligence.'"

The fact that Romney's campaign staff lend credence to the notion that the President is a blithering idiot is bound to irritate a lot of people.  Which I suppose in sum brings us back to the big, overarching point made in the document: as it stands, Team Romney does not think success is on the cards.  I'm not sure I'd be as dismissive of their candidate's chances as Romney staffers seem to be, but then again, I'm not in the trenches, so to speak - so maybe things are just that bad.