The Obama-Clinton Kerfuffle

Maybe I'm biased, but I think Obama is easily the winner. (I'm with Bill Kristol and Mickey Kaus on this. Mickey had exactly the same reponse to Adamnag's piece as I did.) Obama's prised Hollywood off the Clinton teat; he got the Clinton campaign to throw the first stone (there's no evidence Obama knew of Geffen's deliberate gaffe in advance); and revealed how scared the Clintonistas are of the star they have to obliterate.

But whoever you think got the upper hand, there's one aspect to the incident that merits more notice. This was a classic political A-list dust-up. It got national attention. It was the first real skirmish in the presidential campaign. And no straight white men were central players. This was an openly gay man dishing to a female reporter about a black man's threat to another woman's campaign. Yes, the mud flew. But look who was throwing it.