The Denialist Party

Do the Republicans realize how swiftly they appear to be headed for the exits of serious political debate? A National Journal poll shows that 84 percent of a selected group of influential Congressional Republicans deny that there's a human component to global warming "beyond a reasonable doubt". The international scientific community puts the likelihod at 90 percent. Whoever these Republicans are, they are not reasonable people, or even vaguely in touch with reality. Then, from the Christianist wing of the party, we are asked to believe that Ted Haggard is now "completely heterosexual." (Yes, I know Haggard's team of reparative therapists are not Republican officials; but their tight connection with the Rove machine has been integral to previous electoral strategies.) Even the "ex-gay" people don't buy Haggard's story. Check out this exchange from AC360 last night.

I have a feeling that we may be about to see not the slow decline of the GOP as it is currently constructed - but a complete implosion. It appears that many Republicans are privately thinking the same thing.