Steyn on Humor

Version One:

It's a fantastic quote, because it points out one of the big differences between us and the enemy, which is that the enemy is totally humorless. And I think it's rather disturbing that Andrew Sullivan, who mocks so many of the rest of us on the right as theocrats, is, in fact, turning into a bit of a, you know, theocrat-wise, he's getting close to the Ayatollah Khomenei in his sense of humor."

Version Two (in the same interview):

"I mean, these are totally unpleasant people who have made the most vivid and repulsive jokes, really, about religion. Now not just the generalized contempt for religion that a lot of people in the secular world have, but as I said, quite vivid imagery relating to the Virgin Mary having sex with God, and this kind of thing. So it’s something insofar as these rather worthless writers have any talent at all, it’s in, simply, heaping abuse upon people of faith."

So it's not repulsive to joke about torturing captives but it is repulsive to joke about Catholicism. I'm glad that's all cleared up now.