Rudy vs Christianists

A reader writes:

I was mildly confused by this statement in your posting about Rudy and the Christianists:

"Land said the mayor's annulment, divorce and subsequent third marriage will seal the deal against hizzoner for social conservatives."

Juxtapose it with this:

George Barna, a born-again Christian and the head of a research group that does surveys among faith groups, finds that only 19 percent of Northeasterners have divorced, compared to 27 percent of Southerners and Midwesterners. Barna's surveys also revealed another surprise – the divorce rate among conservative Christians is much higher than for other faith groups. Twenty-seven percent of born-again Christians have been divorced, as opposed to 24 percent of other Christians, and – Holy Moly! – only 21 percent of atheists and agnostics.

What matters is not what Christianists do, but what they say. Don't you realize that by now?