Jonah Goldberg and Hillary Clinton

Peas in a pod, according to this reader:

I'm sorry but you realize that the post you linked to by Jonah doesn't argue well for his ability to own up to "the bet". It is begrudging and parsed and does not come right out and say what needs to be said: that he (and many, many others) screwed up. He can't even muster the simple "I was wrong."

He is, in short, behaving like Hillary. And so, of course, has NRO. When The New Republic famously questioned themselves on Iraq (Were We Wrong?), The Corner treated this as something to chortle at.

The Achilles heel of liberalism is not being able to recognize victories, e.g., there is a growing African-American middle class, which would not have been possible without outlawing slavery, civil rights, and, yes, affirmative action. The Achilles heel of conservatism is not knowing when to say yes and not taking responsibility for holding out, e.g. torture in Iraq, gay rights, civil rights.

Jonah and his colleagues  are true conservatives on this issue. They're incapable of getting that they got something wrong. Like Hillary, Jonah will go to his grave, no doubt, unable to own up to the fact that he had a hand (albeit limited and indirect) in creating and enabling a disaster. Finally, to qualify this, I am an open-minded liberal. I read NRO regularly, sometimes agree with them, and greatly enjoy Jonah's writings. So I'm not a Jonah Hater. But he has behaved most foolishly on this issue.