I Have No Time For Gay Lobby Groups

For the same reasons Dan Savage does. He makes a point I have made many times before and explain at length in Virtually Normal. It's worth repeating. I don't give a damn if someone hates me for being gay. I'm fine with it. If you're not, I'm fine with that too. Just leave me alone, and we'll get along just fine.  Now, when the government officially discriminates against gays, it's another thing entirely. The government should treat its citizens equally, period. But the rest of you? As you please. I'd much rather live in a free country where people are free to be bigots than a p.c. country where everyone is legally required to be nice. Hate is a permanent human condition. Trying to ban it is folly. What the gay rights movement should be about is simple public civil equality. Period. Let us marry, serve in the military and then spew whatever bile you want. Deal?