I've heard you. Many of you want the links to open in a new window as they once did. We're on it. We've fixed the RSS feed, I hope. If you have any more suggestions for the new site, I'm always eager to hear them. Many more incremental changes are in the works: e.g. the Atlantic has bought me a subscription to Getty Images (which the whole Atlantic site shares as well). I'll now get to pick the photos myself, rather than relying on ones already selected by photo editors. Yay! And thanks for showing up in such large numbers in the new home. The traffic data show no loss in readership from the transition at all (even an increase), which surprised me. They also show that 83 percent of the readers yesterday came directly to the site. Obviously, many of you bookmark www.andrewsullivan.com. It remains the best and simplest way to find the blog. Thanks again for making this blog part of your day.