Excitable Dave

Mr Frum has a cow about the report in the Sunday Times about military resistance to Dick Cheney's desire to bomb Iran:

"Myself, I very much doubt that there is any actual content to the Times' story. But leave that to one side. Isn't it interesting how this story has made the left-wing blogosphere quiver in glee? Once upon a time, the prospect of generals defying civilian authority horrified liberals and leftists: "Seven Days in May", etc. Today however to be a liberal is to applaud when a special counsel tosses journalists in jail and to side with Douglas MacArthur over Harry Truman. Truly the world has turned upside down."

A reader notes:

Now, anyone who has actually watched Seven Days in May knows that it was about a military plot to overthrow the US government (probably inspired by a real-life plot against De Gaulle by generals who opposed his peace initiative in Algeria). The Sunday Times piece, if it's accurate, indicated that a some generals and admirals would resign rather than implement an order to attack Iran. Obviously, there is a huge difference between an affirmative act of rebellion and a fairly minimal act of conscience.