Document of the Day

Cheney's notes, subpoenaed by Fitzgerald, reproduced here. There's some debate about what the crossed out words 'the Pres" means. No idea myself.

A reader writes:

Isn't it pretty obvious what this could mean?

"Not going to protect one staffer and sacrifice the guy the president ...  asked to stick his neck in the meat grinder..." Just complete the thought.

Cheney realized what he was about to write, he's no dummy, and decided to go for the vaguer, "that was asked." That was asked "by whom?" is the question. By Cheney or the President? Seems like the latter was the one on the Veep's lips or tip of the pen.

Hmmm. So Cheney was reflecting a presidential decision as to who was expendable and who wasn't? Bush wanted to save Rove by designating Libby the fall-guy. He asked Libby to be the fall guy for Rove. (Cheney may not have been thrilled that he had to lose his right-hand man to save the president's.) Pure speculation, of course. But it makes sense. And if true, it's a fascinating glimpse into the mafia-like code of loyalty that exists in Bush world.