Here's more than you ever wanted to see or know. But I'm completely hooked. Beards are not easy things to grow, groom or tender. But this site helps you stay focused; and even provides several success stories. Here's one, for example. Money quote:

Has the site's information on beard grooming been useful?

I've tried many times to grow a beard - and never really understood the importance behind grooming or choosing a style that added to the shape, contours and symmetry of my face. In early attempts, I always trimmed back my beard by simply shaving the areas where I wanted to shape an outline of what I thought would look good -- this was universally unsuccessful and would always result in my shaving the entire beard off (leading to much comment from work colleagues, family and friends -- usually accompanied with a "thank god" or "that looks much better" -- without the beard). As I finally let my beard grow, grooming became a deliberate expression of some personal aesthetic. I invested in a beard trimmer after six scruffy weeks and quickly learned how to keep my beard shaped and defined in a way that pleased me.

Mark Steyn's is hot, by the way. I hope he never culls it.