Amanda Marcotte Quits

Her coarse mockery of others' faith, while perfectly within her right to free speech, is nonetheless a liability for a political campaign. I can see why she quit, and I don't think she has any reason to complain. To be honest, I find the whole idea of bloggers as an integral part of political campaigns a little creepy. When I started blogging, many saw it primarily as a way to challenge those in power - whether in the media or politics or the church or wherever. It was a way to expand the individual's ability to speak and be heard, as a means to deepen scrutiny of the powerful. Pace Jonah, I see nothing wrong with a party of one, whoever that might be. The way in which blogging has been coopted by the collective and and used as a tool for political purposes is unsurprising, but a little depressing. I guess that's why I find the whole netroots movement on the left to be unattractive. Sometimes a pack is not a herd. But sometimes it is.