A Paleocon Revival?

There's some interesting chatter out there, and this post from a self-described "anti-imperialist reactionary from flyover country" is among the more interesting exhibits. Daniel Larison both loathes what he sees as the cultural degeneracy of Blue America (a D'Souza meme), and the neocon interventionist war-making endorsed by Red America (a Scowcroft meme). And he wonders if there isn't a candidate out there who could bring them together in a total recast of U.S. foreign policy:

What is potentially quite interesting is what might happen if we could somehow miraculously get together the large constituency on the left that focuses specifically on U.S. policy and the fairly large and, I think, growing constituency on the right that focuses on cultural decadence to create a popular cause demanding the dismantling of the hegemony and moral renewal.  The only problem is that the two groups generally regard each other's America as the heart of the problem that 'their' America has with the rest of the world.  I promise a nice steak dinner to anyone who can come up with the plan that unites these two basically mutually antagonistic groups together in a force for anti-imperialist cultural regeneration.

It's well worth reading and mulling. I hear a new cultural development out there and a phrase springs to mind: a paleocon is a neocon mugged by reality.