Quote for the Day II


"Hi, I'm Anthony. I live in Banning, California. I am a gay athlete and still in high school ... With no other gay jocks, I feel like I am the only one and it sucks cause I don't know any other guys that are gay and like me. I play football, basketball, track, cheerleading and swim. I have been playing football since I was five. I am the tight end for my high school, free safety and kickoff and punt returner. I don't know why I told you this but there you go. LOL. You guys are the closest to me and I figured if I was going to be moving down there, I should find out about things that are going on what are the age limits that you guys need to join," - Anthony Castro, in an email to the L.A. motion (gay) flag football team.

Castro is part of the next generation of gay men - out in high school, unafraid to be fully themselves, even if it means violating stereotypes. Castro was killed in a car crash January 21, aged 19. You can read a tribute here.