Malkin Award Nominee

"Most members of the armed forces reflexively expect the Democrats to pay lip service to supporting them while doing all they can to see their mission fail for political gain ... Republican Senators such as Chuck Hagel, John Warner and Olympia Snowe have publicly stated that the president’s planned strategy adjustment will not work and that they will not support it. I challenge each of these august public servants to go over to Bethesda Naval Hospital TODAY, find a seriously wounded Marine and say to him, 'Son your sacrifice was in vain.' GO TODAY Senator. Stand up and be counted. If your vote for the war was wrong, say so today and do what any decent officer would do, resign. Resign immediately," - Hugh Hewitt.

Hewitt's politics seems to consist in the view that no criticism of the president's conduct of a war is permissible in a democracy, and that the Senate should have no role in formulating foreign policy, or calculating the risks of warfare. He also seems to believe that every criticism of the management of the war is a betrayal of the troops, a slap in the face to wounded troops, and treasonous to the country. He doesn't only believe this; he believes this after one of the most disastrously-run wars in American history.