Live-Blogging the SOTU

10.02 pm. Brave but not so humble. The subway dude is spreading the love. I'm letting go and giving in. America! Yay!

10.01 pm. Baby Frigging Einstein?

10 pm. The NBA dude is next to the Asian heroine or whoever. There's around six feet between his head and hers. Best shot of the night.

9.58 pm. I'm looking at the script. The hero section is looming. Oy.

9.55 pm. He wants more recruits for the armed forces. Six years late, he endorses Al Gore's position in the 2000 election. Still: it's a good move. Maybe next time, we will go to war with sufficient strength and intelligence to win.

9.52 pm. "Whatever you voted for, you didn't vote for failure." Damn right. But this president gave us failure. He failed in his task of basic competence and decency in the war. That is why the situation in the "here and now" is so grave. Because of his delinquency and arrogance. The American people are not stupid. And their approval rating simply reflects the reality they see.

9.50 pm. "Chaos is their greatest ally in this struggle." The president is speaking of Islamists, Sunni and Shia. I agree. So why did the U.S. sit back and let chaos spread across Iraq for three years? Why did this president refuse for three years to send sufficent forces to succeed?

9.45 pm. The president forces the Democrats to stay sitting when he urges "victory" in Iraq.

9.40 pm. "The Shia and Sunni extremists are different faces of the same totalitarian threat." Is this the formulation by which the president tries to frame a Muslim civil war as a single war against the West? Rather than attempting to exploit the differences among Islamist terrorists, the president seems eager to unite them. I can't say it makes any coherent sense to me.

9.34 pm. "The challenge of global climate change." Could he be any vaguer?

9.32 pm. I like the energy stuff. I have no idea if it's serious, but I like it - and the connection the president made to national security.

9.29 pm. "Without animosity and without amnesty." Nice one, Matthew.

9.28 pm. Deathly silence greets the words "temporary worker program."

9.20 pm. It takes a Democratic Congress to put fiscal conservatism at the front of this president's priorities.

9.13 pm. He can't help himself. He begins with a graceful nod to the first female Speaker; then he wrecks it by talking of the "Democrat Congress". The transcript says "Democratic Congress." No biggie - but it does rub the other side the wrong way.