Jeb in 2008!

A reader insists:

Hear me out on this. They're still using Rove's game plan, which is: The religious base is worth 30 percent of the vote. You carry some libertarians and tribal Republicans and you're home free.  Whoever gets the GOP nod MUST have this 30 percent.

So who can do it? McCain?  No way. They hate him, and know that, secretly, he hates them. Dobson has already nixed him. Romney? Anyone who thinks a candidate whose core religious text is subtitled 'Another Gospel of Jesus Christ' hasn't been living in this country these last seven years. Rudy? Ditto. Divorced. Gay rights supporter.  No way. Brownback? He'll get most of the 30% but has no crossover appeal. Hagel? The base will never forgive him for his apostasy on the war.

So who can do it? JEB. And they'll run it just like Clinton did in '92. They'll wait until the last possible moment and then step into the vacuum created by the lack of appeal in the above roster. The Bush name won't help him, but he's got a reputation for being level-headed, he's certainly competent, and he has crossover appeal. Waiting will mitigate talk about "Bush Dynasty" etc.. I’m a Democrat, can't stand this administration, but have to say that Jeb could be a winner for the GOP in '08. He just gave that speech you posted in which he talked about going back to core conservative principles. In short, he distanced himself from his bro.

Brownback has some cross-over appeal. Anti-war, big government Christianism has a real constituency. And the press will eat up his desire to spend government money on the poor, sick and needy. But this reader makes me pause.