Fisking Ace of Spades

I knew nothing about this till this morning, but a blogger got into a spat with the Ace of Spades website about my position on the "surge." Ace had accused me of changing my position constantly to oppose anything Bush argued for, because I was still upset about the Federal Marriage Amendment of four years ago. This meme is so widespread on the homophobic right that I've long since stopped trying to counter it. But NeoCenturions blog found itself committed to exposing a demonstrable untruth. Hence this fisking. Money quote:

Ordinarily it's the person making the allegation who's supposed to demonstrate the accuracy of the charge, but so be it. I would warn you, Ace and Toby, before I start, to prepare yourself for just how thoroughly you're about to be Fisked. I'm not being facetious. This might actually break some bones.

Read the whole thing. Ace needs to retract his charge and apologize, but, as NeoCenturians notes, that retraction "is, I believe, scheduled for five minutes after Hell freezes over."