Evil and Politics

A reader writes:

So torturing prisoners makes us evil. Fair enough. How much do you want to bet this guy also believes it was wrong to call Iran, Saddam's Iraq and North Korea an "axis of evil"?

The people I know who are so eager to accuse us of being evil will castigate anyone who uses the word to describe Saddam, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Ahmedinejad, Assad, Sadr or any of the other thugs and fascists we are in conflict with.

Somehow, among the left, calling us evil is a mark of moral sensitivity while calling Hezbollah evil is a mark of insensitivity and simplemindedness. Self-criticism is fine, but I have seen far too much sanctimonious posturing and moral blindness to take it very seriously.

On this blog, the word evil does apply to al Qaeda, Saddam, Hezbollah and North Korea. It also applies to torture. Whoever does it.