A Reader Review

A reader of the book writes in:

I agree with the reader who found your book more valuable in the later chapters. For Tcscover_35 me, most of the pearls, and there are many, reside in Chapter 5. Your view of Jesus' incarnation as God's desire to be with us was revelatory and thrilling. (I am just a religious neophyte so this is a fresh concept for me.) Also stunning is Oakeshott's account of history as a series on contingencies, something I apprehended instantly and completely as a central truth, but when does one hear this? I also loved your elucidation of Plato's parable of the cave.

By the way, your conservatism of doubt strikes a chord with a book I read a few years back, America's 30 Years War by Balint Vazsonyi. His main thesis was the superiority of pragmatism to ideology, practice to theory. In his analysis, Anglo-American history showed a greater inclination to pragmatism in its philosophy, laws and government; continental Europe a greater inclination to ideology.

I'm immensely encouraged by the continuing conversations the book has spawned.