"Cootie Vibes"

Not my most eloquent moment, I'm afraid, but it seems to have hit a nerve:

Your sentiments today regarding Hillary on the Chris Matthews Show match mine exactly. I've actually been considering voting for Hillary over the past few weeks given her hawkish foreign policy positions and her DLC-style fiscally prudent, socially tolerant domestic policy. I would support Rudy and McCain over her given the terror this decade-long GOP voter feels when envisioning complete Democratic control over Washington, but if a charlatan like Mitt Romney or a theocon like Sam Brownback were to win the GOP nomination, Hillary on paper would start to look pretty good.

Then I saw the clip in which she announced her exploratory committee, and you're absolutely right: the "cooties" came back. In a rush of nostalgic animosity, the visceral distate for Hillary Rodham that I cultivated during the '90s when coming of age politically as a libertarian-style conservative returned. If anyone could "get the band back together" on the right for just one more election, it's her. She'd be the greatest gift the Dems could give to a collapsing GOP.