Great moments in television


Count yourself lucky if you missed this: royal consort and E-list celebrity James Hewitt takes part in a celebrity darts match on late-night satellite TV. I sent this image to an American friend of mine just to persuade her to give up on the notion that we Brits spend their leisure hours watching the equivalent of "Masterpiece Theatre". For decades we've gotten into the habit of describing our television as "the least worst in the world". I don't know if that's still the case. All I do know is that the gap is narrowing. Yes, the news output is generally classy, and we still make fine documentaries, but as you can see from this glimpse of the Christmas schedules, celebrity fever is as rampant here as it is in the States. Most of the outstanding drama series I've seen lately have been American, and as for comedy, a re-run of "Seinfeld" beats just about anything home-grown. Including Ricky Gervais. (Sorry to be so out of step, but I still don't think he's ever more than mildly amusing.)