Closet Tolerant Watch

Jake Tapper ponders some lessons learned from covering the Mary Cheney story. Money quote:

This is what we got out of the White House when we asked, over and over, if the President, as he declared in 1999, still opposed same sex couples adopting children. Our intrepid White House off-air reporter, Karen Travers, asked if that position still stood.

"When Vice President Cheney told President Bush that his daughter was pregnant, the President congratulated him," the White House spokesman said. "President Bush is happy for the Cheney family."

Right. Okay. Travers tried again: does he still oppose same sex adoptions?

"In 2005, the President said he believes the ideal is for a child to be raised by a man and a woman, but children can receive love from gay couples and private adoption firms can make their own decisions," said the spokesman.

Jake thinks that means Bush is still opposed. I'm not so sure. I don't think the president has the slightest problem with his veep's daughter having a committed relationship and having a child. It's just that he cannot say that in public. Hypocrisy is now hardwired into sustaining the Republican coalition.

(More criticism for the vice-president's daughter from anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera here and the Christianist group, Concerned Women for America, here.)