"Old" books of the year


Time for another choice in the blogger series. Next up is Tim Montgomerie, founder of ConservativeHome.com, Britain's most influential right-of-centre Web forum. Lately, he's diversfied into on-line TV, launching 18 Doughty Street, the country's first political Internet station. Walk through the door of that inconspicuous house in central London, and you find yourself deep in alternative pundit territory.

Postman_7 Every civilisation is as rich as its means of communication. That was a central conclusion of Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves To Death" (1985). Cultures which communicate through smoke signals will inevitably be primitive. The 1980s the focus of Postman’s study - generated a passive culture, Americans spending increasing amounts of time consuming television programmes that were obsessed with the immediate and the trivial.  Postman died three years ago, but the blogosphere deserves the analysis he gave to TV.  I guess that he would hate the rushes to judgment of bloggers, but he would appreciate its devolution of power and the re-awakening of conversation between citizens.