You're Crazy

A revealing Corner post from theocon Kathryn-Jean Lopez:

Does Anyone Really Disagree with This?

A Bush administration HHS nominee is getting grief for his involvement with a pregnancy center that believes:

"that the crass commercialization and distribution of birth control is demeaning to women, degrading of human sexuality and adverse to human health and happiness."

Passing out contraception without any deeper context or conversation is degrading and disrespectful — to men and women. Tell me I'm crazy.

She's crazy. We're not talking about condoms for kids here. We're talking about condoms for adults. We know she's nuts because she insisted only a couple of weeks' back that Rick Santorum - as an empirical prediction - would win in Pennsylvania. She is delusional, but she is also a fanatic. Notice how she cannot even understand how anyone could really disagree with her about the "evil" of contraception. In her cocoon, this may be true. The theocon right absolutely believes that contraception is just as immoral as gay sex. If they could ban it, discourage it, prevent its availability, they would. And with the appointment of Eric Keroack at HHS, we have new evidence they are.

(For a full treatment of the theoconservative position on abortion, contraception, heterosexual sex and end-of-life issues, check out Chapter Three of my book. It includes a careful dissection of Rick Santorum's book, and his profound hostility to the concept of American freedom. And it contains my favorite index item in the book: "clitoris: purpose of." Like I'd know.)