Will Lieberman Save The GOP?


That's the question. A reader sums up the argument:

Assuming that the Dems get the Senate, could Rove's final play be: Bush accepts Rumsfeld's resignation, appoints Independent Lieberman as Secretary of Defense and Connecticut Governor Rell (Republican) appoints a Republican to fill Lieberman's Senate seat, putting the Senate under effective Republican control with Cheney's vote as tie breaker?

That is possible, but it would, I think, be politically suicidal for the president. (Still, his campaign rhetoric was suicidal, so maybe he'll stay that way.) If Lieberman holds the key to a Senate majority, appointing him SecDef would be too political a move, even for Bush. It would divide far more than it would unite.

But there I go again, giving Bush the benefit of the doubt. He's done crazier things, hasn't he?

(Photo: Bob Falcetti/Getty.)