Vive La Resistance

A reader writes:

I am a moderate living in Colorado Springs. The main thing that bothers me about those on the far right is their hypocrisy, with Ann Coulter and Ted Haggard being the latest two examples. Another comes to mind here locally as well:  ads for the local Republican candidate for the House that classify his opponent (a retired lieutenant colonel by the way) as a liberal, yet the administration that he is supporting has run up the greatest debt in our history.

I drive my kids and two of their friends to school in the morning and yesterday I was originally not supposed to pick my daughter's friend up as she was to greet her father returning from Iraq.  She called and told us she needed a ride as they had evidently received a call that her dad would not be coming home yet, and we did not question as we were hoping nothing happened to him.  Today I believe that I saw the reason why.  Mr. Cheney will be here for a campaign stop this weekend part of which will be to greet the troops as they return.

So their reunion should be delayed for political purposes.

Yep. That sounds like Cheney to me.