Vive La Resistance

A reader writes:

I wanted to share two short stories about Hard Core Republicans who are in the same boat as you.

1) My Aunt and Uncle are Bill and Lois Shepard. They are best known as the husband and wife team that ran for Governor and LT Governor in Maryland in 1992. Yes they lost but they did run as Republicans and long have they espoused the Conservative positions. She was a Reagan apointeee as Director of Museum Affairs, he was in the Foreign Service in the 70's and 80's as diplomat. She was even Chairwomen of Republicans Abroad. They consider the Cheneys to be close personal friends. So I see them a month ago at a family function and they are both so disgusted with the Republicans and Bush they are actually voting against Steele in Maryland! He has written several editorials and letters to the Harvard Law Alumni lambasting them for not taking a position against Bush's policies that are clearly unconstitutional. To listen to them go on and on you would think they were my San Francisco cousins not my Washington ones.

2) My Stepfather is very rich. He has thank you letters from every Republican Presidential candidate since Goldwater thanking him for his donations. Huge Reagan man, he even has one of those letters from George W from 2000. He now has one from John Kerry. I was shocked when he showed it to me. He said he is still a true Republican and when the true Republicans show up again, he will start sending them money again. So don't worry. You are certainly not the only Republican that wonders what the heck happened to there party!