Underwear, Again

An email I should address:

I'm a pretty reasonable Mormon. I live in MA, voted for Deval Patrick, got my MBA from Boston University after going to BYU. I also served a two year mission.

Your garment picture is offensive to me. You showing them and joking about them (to me) would be like having a rave in the holy of holys to a Jew or touching the Koran to a devout Muslim.

Every worthy LDS church member that has been a member longer than 1 year most likely wears them. You are offending a lot of people.

I'm sorry I was unaware of the underwear. I'm sorry if my eyebrows jumped a notch. But I am not sorry for publishing a visual of them. My response is the same to Mormons as it was to Muslims who were offended by my publishing images of Muhammad. This is your taboo, not mine. And this is a free country. If you cannot handle some inspection of your religious practices, then you need to find some other place to live.

I dare say this blog has revealed more about Mormonism to a mainstream audience than many other outlets in recent history. I've linked to many Mormon websites and sources of information. I've published emails from Mormons. I'm busy reading more. And I have to say that the more I read about Mormons' understanding of the constitution and politics, the more I actually agree with them. They seem very keen on the separation of church and state, religious liberty, and the separation of powers - much more so than the evangelical right. It comes, perhaps, from a deeper understanding of what it actually means to be a despised minority in this country. Yes, they are virulently homophobic. But so are most organized religions, sadly. And all in all, this past week has made me far less concerned about a Mormon president than I might have been. In fact, I think the message of constitutional propriety and reverence that seems common among Mormons could do well in appealing to the conservative center, especially in contrast with the bullying and contempt for the constitution displayed among many Christianists. But it's foolish in my view for Mormons to be so sensitive. If Romney runs, you'll need to deal with this. And you'd best get a thicker skin.