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The Conservative Thought Police

National Revew Online's editor recently proclaimed that most conservatives "won't buy or read" "The Conservative Soul" because of my attacks on the Bush administration. On November 17, the Heritage Foundation had a dinner to commemmorate the 25th anniversary of the 1981 Reagan tax cut. Bruce Bartlett, who helped draft the 1977 Kemp-Roth bill, was informed he was not invited because of his criticism of the Bush administration's reckless fiscal policies. Wednesday night, libertarian Ryan Sager spoke to a little free-market group on the Hill called the Prosperity Caucus. Heritage often plays host to their events. But when Heritage found out that Sager was the speaker this month, the Prosperity Caucus was asked to take things elsewhere.

I don't think many Republicans and conservatives have come out of denial yet about what was done to conservatism in Bush-Rove-DeLay years. Or perhaps the first stage of coming out of denial is anger at those who came out of it years ago.