The Case of Bilal Hussein

The Pulitzer-prize winning AP photographer has been detained without being charged by the U.S. military for seven months now in Iraq. His life may be in danger. He has been accused of being a terrorist for taking photographs of terrorists. He has seen no evidence against him. There is no due process for him. Now Rumsfeld has gone, decency may return to the U.S. military. But this story from the American Journalism Review is the most thorough I've yet read about this case. I think the military should charge Hussein and produce the evidence allegedly incriminating him. Or they should set him free. For such outlandish ideas of fair treatment, I will no doubt be called a "liberal." I just believe in a free press, even in wartime. And in due process, even in wartime. I thought that was something we could all agree on. Apparently, it isn't.