Sacrilegious Spelling

A reader corrects me:

I admit that I am one of those people who cringes when I see a misspelled word and normally I let it go. In this instance, however, I feel compelled to say something because it impacts the definition of the word. You and a reader debated whether it was "sacreligious" to post pictures of Mormon undergarments.  This spelling is incorrect and clearly implies a religious connection in the word itself.  The correct spelling is "sacrilegious" and is derived from the words "sacer," meaning sacred and "legere," meaning to take away. 

I believe you and your reader both made the mistake of assuming that sacrilege is an act of disrespecting something religious. But it isn't - it's the act of disrespecting something sacred. Not everything religious is sacred. And certainly some non-religious ideas (conservatism?) can be considered sacred. I can't speak for Mormons, but frankly, I hope they don't consider their undergarments sacred, even if they are mandated by their religion.

From several Mormon readers, the answer seems to be: yes, their undies are sacred. I apologize for the bad spelling and have fixed it.