Rove Kept Believing


He was in his own cocoon with respect to the election. It wasn't a game face. They had no idea what was coming. Meanwhile, a reader contrasts the seclusion and fundamentalist psyche of the Bush cabal with another war-president:

Abraham Lincoln was described as possessing a mind that was remarkably free from illusions, self-generated or otherwise. His Assistant Secretry of War, Charles Dana, described Lincoln like this:

"He had no freakish notions that things were so, or might be so, when they were not so. All his thinking and reasoning, all his mind, in short, was based continually upon actual facts, and upon facts of which, as I said, he saw the essence."

Here's hoping we find someone soon with the same instincts. Joe Klein thinks we already have.

(Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty.)