Responding to Jonah

A reader wishes I hadn't:

It is very telling that Goldberg urges his readers and "fellow conservatives" not to read your book. And then proceeds to heap scorn and abuse upon you and the book rather than tackling the provocative issues you are raising. It smacks of a dogmatic mindset rigidly incapable of accepting that his worldview might be deficient or lacking.

Simply put, the "Conservative Politburo" at National Review ordered its lead editor of "Conservative Pravda" to issue a denunciation of your book as being "counter-revolutionary" swill too dangerous for average folk to read lest they be corrupted by its influences. The irony of Goldberg attempting to equate you with being a fundamentalist is particularly rich.

I think that while your fisking of Jonah was quite devastating, you probably would have been better served by just noting that he was telling everyone not to read the book. That alone will be enough to encourage honest conservatives, intellectually curious independents and libertarians, and inquisitive liberals to read your book. Everything else just gave him far more attention than he really deserved for such a patent hatchet job.