On Fabulous Catholicism

A reader makes an obvious point:

Yes, but ... surely the combination of a fairly (at least comparatively) flaming Pope with the harsh homophobic rhetoric issued over his signature must be not just saddening, but enraging. At least women don’t have to contend with blatant self-contradiction from Rome—Rome doesn’t prop up women in positions of power from which they oppress women, while it seems that many members of the Vatican bureaucracy spend their days condemning homosexuals before heading out to enjoy the delights of the “homosexual culture” of the city. So, yes, the fabulous pageantry is amusing, and pretty transparent to anyone with a modicum of gay-dar, but it dresses up a vicious and deadly culture of denial in the hierarchical Church. Didn’t Jesus have something to say about those who impose impossible burdens on others but don't lift a finger to help?

Though I will attempt to learn from your lead, and at least smile at the show.

My rage continues. But it is humanly impossible, thank God, to feel it for ever. And so I try and make the best of it.