Joseph and Georg

 A reader writes:

Georgbenedictcatholicpressphoto_1 It has been said of you that you hate well. While your latest post is not hateful, it has the threatening swagger of a certain type of teenage boy. Your penchant for personalized bile comes across anytime you discuss B16. It's not Hitchens-like, but it is showing signs of going in that vector.

Another comments:

Your comments under the pic of the Pope and his assistant are beyond the pale. Only someone gay or gay-friendly would make such remarks.There's not only no evidence to suggest that the Pope is anything but chaste and celibate, it's such bad taste to even bring it up.

My position on the priesthood is what the Church's used to be: if you're a good priest and keep your vows, it's irrelevant whether you're gay or straight. The gender of the people you're not having sex with is a non-issue. But this is not Benedict's position. He was the one who altered the church's policy from one that simply insisted on priestly celibacy, gay or straight, to one that specifically excludes even celibate gay men from the priesthood, regardless of their skills or gifts or vocation. I'm just following Benedict's rules. It's a little hard for him to complain if they boomerang back on him.

(Photo: Vatican Press Pool/Catholic Press Photo.)