Jeeves Solves Iraq

William F. Buckley may see some of his progeny falter - the conservative movement, for example. But his actual genetic progeny, i.e. Christopher, is as brilliant as ever. I hadn't watched "Thank you For Smoking" in the movie theaters, but we netflixed it the other night and I had a ball. Rare to find actually sophisticated political humor in Hollywood. It takes a conservative ... Meanwhile, here's Buckley's latest gem from the New Yorker. It's Jeeves with W. Money quote:

"Now, see here, Jeeves, I can handle this Iraq business myself."
"Yes, sir. But, if I may, there does seem to be something of a clamor for an exit strategy."
"Dash it, Jeeves, the only exit strategy is victory."
"Yes, sir. So Dr. Kissinger keeps insisting. And yet, as the Bard would suggest, ripeness is all."
"What are you talking about?"
"'King Lear,' sir. A play by the late Mr. Shakespeare."
"Just spit it out."
"As you may recall, sir, I had suggested replacing Mr. Rumsfeld before the election, rather than after."
"Deuced good idea, Jeeves. See to it immediately. Walk him up the scaffold, and no blindfold. That'll get us a few votes."
We W.s are slow to anger, but, when the feeling comes, the ground around us trembles.
"If I may, sir?"
"What is it, Jeeves?"
"The election is over."
"Oh. Dash it all, Jeeves, you might have told me."

And the beat goes on.