How Sexy Is Sacha Baron-Cohen?

Well, he's no Ben Cohen, but a reader vents:

Sexy? Doesn't even come close. I'd do terrible, terrible things to him if he'd let me.

In fact, I often fantasize about buying some meth from him, throwing it away, then having a completely non-sexual, you know, just two guys hangin' in a hotel room, naked, 'just bein' guys' kind-a evening, during which we might occasionally give each other a hot-oil rubdown or two, in the most manly and hetero way, of course. In my fantasy, sometimes I mount his naked body and ride him around the hotel room, but not in a gay way in a 'just two guys completely confident in their masculinity' way. I have to admit, last weekend I actually bought some meth and threw it away while watching old Ali G episodes. Naked. Does that make me gay?

Nah: just a Republican staying the course.