Hewitt Blames ...

... McCain! I mean: who else? He's been president for six years, hasn't he? Money quote:

The long and short of this bad but not horrific night was that majorities must act like majorities.  The public cares little for the "traditions" of the Senate or the way the appropriations process used to work.  It demands results.  Handed a large majority, the GOP frittered it away. 

The chief fritterer was Senator McCain and his Gang of 14 and Kennedy-McCain immigration bill, supplemented by a last minute throw down that prevented the NSA bill from progressing or the key judicial nominations from receiving a vote.  His accomplice in that master stroke was Senator Graham.  Together they cost their friend Mike DeWine his seat in the Senate, and all their Republican colleagues their chairmanships.  Senator McCain should rethink his presidential run.  Amid the ruins of the GOP's majority there is a clear culprit.

What else does Baghdad Bob Hewitt say? Ah, yes, this:

"...Senator Santorum is now available for a seat on the SCOTUS should one become available."