Frum's "No-Show"

I have been accused of "outright falsification" by David Frum because of an offhand tease that he was a no-show on a Canadian radio show earlier this week. Since I was sitting in the radio studio, waiting to debate him, on time, and was told he hadn't shown up, my comments were entirely accurate. I called the producer yesterday, after Frum's accusation, to ask whether I had been hallucinating. She told me that indeed Frum had not turned up on time for the interview, he was in the gym, but they had tracked him down. She also confirmed to me that if he had arrived on time, we would have gone ahead. Unbenownst to me, the producers then decided to cancel the entire segment because of the Rumsfeld resignation. "If he'd arrived on time, we would have taped it, but probably been unable to use it," the producer told me. That I didn't know till I spoke with her again this morning. So David was a no-show and subsequently the show was canceled. My little tease falls a little flat. But I was not outright falsifying anything. I don't do that.