Fox Shows Widening Dem Lead

More data here, showing a Democratic generic lead of 13 points. This lead is the biggest recently reported by the same poll: it was 11 points a week ago and nine two weeks before that. More interesting to me:

Among those saying they will vote for the Democratic House candidate, twice as many say it is because they want a change in leadership (54 percent), while others say it is because they agree with the policies of the Democratic Party (21 percent).

If all the other independents held their noses and voted Democrat, simply to express their view that policy must change in the White House, it could make a huge difference. I've never believed personally in abstaining, although it's obviously anyone's right. But in this election, I think it's vital if you're a true conservative or independent to grit your teeth and vote Democratic. This White House does not respond to measured or reasoned criticism. They need a metaphorical two-by-four in the face.