Fire. Rumsfeld. Now.


This election doesn't mean America has given up on the war in Iraq. It means, at a minimum, that the president must be forced to realize he cannot keep his defense secretary. If this election was a referendum on the war and its execution, the will of the people is clear. No one can have confidence in Rumsfeld as defense secretary at this point. He has to go. I know the president said he'd keep him for two more years regardless. (It was one of the dumbest things he has ever said.) But any president wishing to form a sustainable middle ground on Iraq now has to abandon Rumsfeld. It's that simple. Fire him; and reach out to the Democrats and moderate Republicans in order to form a strategy for victory or stability in Iraq. And have the good sense to be graceful about it.

(Photo: Haraz Ghanbari/AFP/Getty.)