Father Neuhaus, Meet America

A reader writes:

I read with great fascination and a great deal more frustration of Fr. Neuhaus' erroneous perception that we gay Americans are not part of, nor do we live in, America. I am a 59 year old gay man who lives with his 62 year old partner in one of the largest retirement communities in Arizona. I can assure Fr. Neuhaus that we are everywhere. Our circle of friends can easily muster 50 or 60 gay men and women for a friendly get together. That is without ever breaking a sweat!  Give us more time and we could just overwhelm Fr. Neuhaus with our numbers. 

Among our friends we are the newly partnered having been together only nine years. Most of our friends have been together for more than 20 years and one couple recently celebrated 52 years together. We represent retirees from many different businesses, professions and areas of the country. We recently lost a dear friend unexpectedly at the age of 56. He and his partner were together for over 27 years. There were over 300 people, gay and straight, at his funeral. We continue to care about and care for each other. Yes Dr. Neuhaus, this is America!