Email of the Day

A reader writes:

Thanks for the link to the CSPAN interview. I still can't get over the part where you talk about dealing with HIV. I'm sorry, Andrew. If it means anything coming from a part Irish Iowa whitebread hetero, I'm truly sorry.

I saw Janet Reno on CNN yesterday. She looks like she weighs 90 pounds. She weaved back and forth constantly during the interview and acted like she had lost her sense of balance - not as much as did Fox in the ad but I can be sort of thick sometimes and I thought they both showed the same basic symptoms. When I think of you and Reno and Limbaugh and Hewitt et al I can't help but remember that dialogue from "Mississippi Burning", where the FBI supervisor tells the agent during the rainstorm that "these are gutter tactics". The agent responds "we have to get in the gutter to fight these people". The super asks why.

The agent responds "Because these people crawled out of the sewer!!!"

I guess so.