Email of the Day

A reader writes:

I just followed the link to see the conversation between you and Governor McGreevey. What a fascinating conversation. I loved the dialogue about growing up gay and the role of spirituality. It is so interesting how those of us who grew up Catholic and gay encountered the same experiences and the same struggles as we attempted to integrate our faith with the emerging truth that we were different, horribly different. In my own life that took me to the priesthood, the perfect camouflage. I recently left, unable to take the hypocrisy of the institution and unable to live in the dysfunction any longer and wanting to be free as a gay man to live a life of integrity.

Both your work and that of Governor McGreevery have moved me so much, bringing me down memory lane (I grew up in Northern Ireland) and touching sweet moments as well as bringing up tearful wounds.  Most of all it reminded me of this journey of grace we are all on and the hope we are called to.