Email of the Day

Michael Richards isn't the only one to lose it occasionally. A reader writes:

You're just a rumor-mongering waste of time, whose mind is clearly warped by AIDS-meds, AIDS, and who knows what other immunosuppressive behavior you've engaged in. You want to drag everyone else down in the gutter with you. Kindly mind your business and quit knocking the Pope...

I want what I write next to make you sad because it's completely true and the whole gay rights agenda is warring with this reality: WE (Catholics, normal people, red-blooded Americans, heterosexuals) WILL NEVER ACCEPT YOU NO MATTER WHAT BULL***T LAWS YOU MANAGE TO GET SOME SECULAR COURTS TO FOIST UPON US.

Tell me how you really feel. Seriously, though, I have no interest in being "accepted" by anyone, let alone a reader with these views. I'm just interested in being treated equally under the law, and letting others hate whomever they want to. And I'm interesting in holding leaders of churches to the same rules they apply to others. That's all. Have a great Thanksgiving.