Conservative Civil War Watch

It's growing. A reader writes:

In a discussion thread about the prospects of a Senator Brownback bid for the Republican presidential nomination, I posted the following comment, which got me banned:

"It's funny how everyone likes to position themselves as a True Reagan Conservative. It's always the other guy who is betraying Reagan's conservative legacy. Too funny. Both parties need moderates and Independents to win national elections. Until the Republican party deals with the theocracy wing of the party (Dobson, Falwell, Robertson, etc.), moderates/Independents will likely fall in favor of the Dems. It's really that simple. If you think Brownback is the guy to bridge that gap, you need to stop smokin' that Bible and get back to reality.

The lesson from 06 is that moderation wins general elections and offers the best hope for sustained governability through the art of political compromise. Rigid uncompromising devotion to ideology may feel good but it usually accomplishes little and ultimately undermines the ideology."

I was subsequently banned from the site for using the term "theocracy" in relation to a faction within the Republican party. The denial is deep and perhaps even pathological. I fear it will take more than one election cycle to shock the party back to reality.