Children and Faith

I haven't seen "Jesus Camp," what with the book tour and all. But I intend to when this election is over. Here's a clip that is unsettling to me in a way I find hard to express. See for yourself:

Then there are letters to the editor of a local paper, like this one from a kid as young as the seventh grade. Karl Rove could not have instructed them better. A reader writes of his own experience:

I am a church musician in the Lutheran Church. To be more specific it is the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran church, which is theologically conservative.  Most of the members in my church are Republicans it seems, although I wouldn't call them evangelicals. A good deal of people just assume that I am a Republican and the ones that know I'm not treat me as if I have an inferior faith or am a baby killer.

I don't think I will ever forget election day of 2004. I was about to begin a children's choir rehearsal with the kids in grades 2-8. One of the more vocal 8th graders asked me aloud if I voted that day. I said yes. She then asked "Did you vote for Kerry?" I paused and said nothing but I think my face told them that I did. These kids started booing! She then asked "Did you vote for Bush"?  After she asked the group started cheering. I just sort of shrugged and never answered the question, but I was simply stunned. I was booed without saying who I voted for by 10 year old kids that were obvious Bush supporters! It was surreal.